15" Baphomet bronze

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15" Baphomet bronze


Bronze look

A dramatic representation of Baphomet, this statue seated on the world, is detailed with many emblems of metaphysical and spiritual expression. The finish is dark bronze with verdigris highlights. Cast resin with felt covered bottom.

Right-handed path practitioners tend to work towards ascending their soul towards ultimate union (or reunion) with the divine source, returning to heaven, allegorically alluded to as restoration or climbing back up the ladder after the "great fall". In doing this, they embrace the light and try to annihilate anything they regard as "dark" or "evil". On the other hand, left-handed path practitioners do not see this as the ultimate aim but a step towards their goal. Left-handed path practitioners embrace the dark as well as the light in order to invoke the alchemical formula solve et coagula ("dissolve and precipitate") confronting the negative in order to transmute it into desirable qualities. For left-handed path practitioners, they descend towards union with the divine to obtain Godhood status with God-like powers of their own having reunited with the ultimate divine source-energy and then once there, taking one more step separating from that divinity, out of this creation into a new creation of their own making, with themselves as the sole divinity of the new universe apart from the previous creation. This is represented by the eleventh qlippoth on the Tree of Knowledge, whereas the right-handed path Tree of Life only has ten sephiroth.